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Public Attributes

_XdFileHandle Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

const char * cleanup
const guint8 * copy_page
guint copy_pgno
EdsioMD5Ctx ctx
guint current_pos
gint fd
FileHandle fh
FILE * in
gboolean(* in_close )(XdFileHandle *handle)
gboolean in_compressed
gboolean(* in_read )(XdFileHandle *handle, void *buf, gint nbyte)
guint length
GMemChunk * lru_chunk
guint lru_count
guint lru_outstanding_refs
GPtrArray * lru_table
guint8 md5 [16]
gboolean md5_good
gint md5_page
const char * name
guint narrow_high
guint narrow_low
void * out
gboolean(* out_close )(XdFileHandle *handle)
int out_fd
gboolean(* out_write )(XdFileHandle *handle, const void *buf, gint nbyte)
guint real_length
gboolean reset_length_next_write
gint type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file xdmain.c.

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